The million dollar view

Okay, after yesterday’s rant about our TV reception being rained out (and feeling much better since we did not have rain last night so got to watch our Tuesday night line-up!) I thought I might jump in with one of the things we’ll definitely miss — the VIEW.

Costa Rica is simply a beautiful country.  No way around it, and something we’ll look forward every year to returning to.  When we were first researching our move here, we read of the beautiful mountain views, but we hadn’t actually realized that we could have “the best of both worlds” — at least as far as what we like goes! — and be in the mountains and still have ocean views!  It was definitely one of the many factors that tilted us toward living in San Ramon.

Sunny morning

Cruise ship arriving, seen from our porch

Yesterday morning was a typical bright, sunny morning (even the rainy season usually has clear mornings!) so the cruise ship’s arrival was easily watched.  The pic really doesn’t do it justice (that big expanse of blue water and blue sky seemed to confuse my camera which would then refuse to focus clearly) and the “real-life” appearance was far crisper and brighter.  Nice way to start the day!

Of course, at least on our side of the country, a water view also suggests a sunset view, and we never seem to get tired of our sunsets.  In fact, we continue to take pictures of the especially nice ones, even though at this point I have literally hundreds of photographs of sunsets!  Each one somehow seems so unique, though, anSunsetd so amazing, that before we know it, the suggestion has come again to “get out the camera.” (Thank goodness for digital photography where we don’t have the processing costs of our old film days.)

One of the most interesting things about the sunset is that it marks so clearly for us the movement of the sun throughout the year.  Being so close to the equator, we actually hadn’t expected quite such dramatic change, but the “location” of the setting sun does, indeed, change dramatically so it’s fun to watch the movement.

just another sunset Rainbow And, of course, it’s not just the sunsets.  Just watching the ever changing clouds, the rainbows, the varied greens and blues, it’s simply beautiful.  And we’ll miss it.

Thank goodness we’re coming back!

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