Good while it lasted

Well, we woke up this morning to see the coast again, and the Nicoyan Peninsula beyond. Not to say that it wasn’t still cloudy, but the clouds were “up in the sky” where they belong, not down here 20 meters off our back porch.

By mid-morning there was even bright sun, and I know for certain that everyone living in Costa Rica, where the sun shone (which, sadly, was probably not everywhere) rejoiced.

Of course, an alarmingly short time later the chill wind blew through, the clouds closed in around, and the rain started again. BUT, the good news was that this felt somewhat like “normal” rainy season rain, not this relentless crap that has besieged us the past couple of weeks.

And, as we now know my superficial measurement criteria — it only pitter-pattered during the night which meant we got to watch all of Charlie’s Angels, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Mentalist.  Ooooh, so shoot me, we enjoy our TV programs!  ;-)

Now that bedtime has come, David remarked mere moments ago on the sparkling lights of Puntarenas. I just looked up and was thinking he was perhaps crazy since there’s only the barest hint of the coastal lights to be seen, but he clarified that, indeed, the lights were much brighter ten minutes ago.  And I can hear the now-all-too-familiar pitty-pat on the porch roof outside our bedroom window.

So… it’s raining again.  What can I say. We didn’t really think it had stopped — we just welcomed and enjoyed the moments of respite.  Because for all the awfulness that this particular part of the rainy season brings, it also brings the knowledge that the season is soon to change. Probably within the next month, or soon thereafter, the rain will actually stop.  For good. For the next 6 months.

And so, this awful, horrible spell also heralds the arrival of clear weather to come. So if you can just focus on that, it’s possible that you won’t slit your wrists and throw yourself off the nearest mountaintop.

This too shall pass.

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2 Responses to Good while it lasted

  1. Karen Wright says:

    Arden, just was concerned about whether there would be a huge problem getting the dogs back into the states? I was thinking about adopting a dog while we were there last time, but they weren’t about to let me bring a CR dog into the US. Best regards, Karen

    • arden says:

      No, luckily it doesn’t seem to be an issue. We’ve had lots of friends who both “travel” back and forth with their dogs and who have moved back taking both dogs they came down with *and* dogs they’d acquired here. In fact, you shouldn’t have had any problem if you’d wanted to take back a dog from here, as long as you’d had the required shots (and time *since* having them), health certs, etc. Our dog shelter friend here routinely ships dogs off to adoptive parents all around the world! The weird thing we *might* have a bit of trouble with is the time of year — it’s likely to be cold enough that we might run into issues, there, but we’ll just have to cope. Worst case we can fly somewhere warmer and drive the rest of the way. ;-)

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