New pages you’ll want to see

Okay, maybe you won’t care, in which case you can just hit “delete” and this email will magically go away.  A “real” posting — the pithy and poignant kind — is coming along in another couple of days.

But in the meantime, there’s two things people keep asking about — more pix of the BABY (let’s get our priorities straight, after all!) and more info about the house.

So, to that end, there are two new pages on the blog.  One, cleverly named “Avila” is a simple collection of photos, newest ones on top, of the world’s cutest grandbaby. (Okay, I recognize that there are other grandparents out there who think they’ve got that title sewn up, but the way I see it, there’s lots of room for many “world’s cutest grandbabies” and we clearly have ONE of them!!!)  You can access it by clicking on the link above (you know, where it says “Avila”) or from any page on the site in the menu that runs under the cool sunset photo from our back porch.

The other page gives more insight into our house.  Why?  Maybe you want to buy it!  Maybe you’re just curious.  Maybe you know someone else that wants to buy it.  Maybe we just like talking about our very cool house.  It’s my blog — I get to do what I want!  ;-)

I’m scribbling away on a particularly interesting post about the odd (albeit useful) changes we make in our expectations about what our lifestyle will be when we move to Costa Rica, so stay tuned.  That should arrive in your inbox in another day or two.  And in the meantime if anything strikes your fancy as you look around, please comment.  Comments are fun. I promise to reply.


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