Soggy Sunday

It’s raining.  It’s been raining.  For days and days on end.

It does this in October, pretty much every year in some form or fashion. Usually for up to a couple of weeks straight. Last year was one of the worst, so we tend to keep cheering each other up by saying things like, “Well, it’s not nearly as bad as last year.” (I can’t say it really helps all that much, but we keep saying it.)

We also keep predicting to each other that it’s “due to end” any day now. We don’t make this up — the meteorologists are perfectly happy to make it up for us, and once it is decreed to be so, news travels fast.  We all know that it’s not true, but that doesn’t stop us from saying it to each other. It’s a survival technique:  “I hear it’s supposed to stop day-after-tomorrow.”  Somehow even thinking that the end is in sight makes it more bearable.

Story on local news about road closings.

And this year the season hasn’t been quite as wet, overall, as last year so the ground isn’t as completely saturated.  There had been hopes that this meant the roads would hold up better with fewer collapses and landslides, but the highways in all directions have been closed off-and-on for the past several days, so can’t say that helped much either.

The good news is that at least a good part of the time, the relentless rain just dribbles down, not pours.  Oh, there is indeed a deluge most days, but that will just be for a period, maybe even a brief period.  So it could be much worse!

And once in a while it even clears up for a bit. I got up in the middle of the other night for a potty break and Puntarenas was twinkling away down below.  Just a little while ago, in fact, the rain had stopped and it actually had the “feeling” that this might be it, maybe it was clearing up.

Sigh.  No.  Twenty minutes later it was raining again.

The boys watching football on a soggy Sunday.

The good news is that SkyTV replaced the antenna which was blown in our electrical strike (blessedly at no charge — it was insured!) so David has his “NFL package” to ensure that he’ll be able to see the Patriots game later today. In the meantime he gets to switch around and look in on all the early games so he can check out all the Patriots’ competition and see how they’re playing today.

Although Yankee, the golden retriever (interestingly named that by our Tica friend that originally owned him), doesn’t normally get up on the furniture, he apparently agreed with David and GrisGris (the cattle dog) that this soggy Sunday called for serious couch-potato action.

She's not much of a conversationalist yet, but sure fun to watch.

The good news is, it really doesn’t matter all that much that it’s been raining for days on end.  I’d baked fresh bread yesterday so we had great grilled cheese, ham, and pickle sandwiches for lunch.  We don’t have to go anywhere so roads closed or not isn’t important.

We had adequate internet for a Skype visit with the kids this morning and we have sufficient food on hand (and important things like wine) so dinner is all set.

Life is good.  Soggy, but good.


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