Year round spring

That’s the most commonly used descriptor for the weather in Costa Rica — year round spring — and it’s a pretty good one.  It’s one of the things we will very much miss here — the temperature.

We were lucky. We chose — for us! — the perfect elevation and location for temperature.  I would say that 365 days of the year our low overnight is in the 60s.  Okay, maybe it’s possible that we hit 59 once or twice in the coldest months (usually January and February) and some nights it might only get down to 68 or 69, but when you consider the range of lows pretty much anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, that’s a pretty comfortable range.

Even at that we actually sleep with a slow fan going at night, mostly just because we like to keep the air moving and we love the feeling of needing slightly to “snuggle down” under a blanket.  The weather here is absolute perfection for sleeping, I must say.  Every single night of the year.

Daytime temps will vary quite a bit, even just over the course of a single day but even so, here at our 3,000 feet elevation, will virtually always be in the 70s up to mid-80s.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen 90 although I can’t say I’ve done any official tracking. A bright, sunny midday might readily see an outdoor temperature of 84, say, while two hours later when the clouds and cool damp air have rolled in in might drop to 76.  (Actually, there’s not a whole heck of a lot of distinction between the indoor and the outdoor temperature since we keep the house wide open all day so that the air is pretty much the same no matter which side of the open door you’re on.)

So, for us, never too hot, never too cold.

We usually get a dose of hot weather once or twice a year by going to the beach, and for our taste it’s the perfect experience of “great place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there.”  I don’t think we’ve ever returned where we didn’t all breathe an audible sigh of relief as we got closer to San Ramon and felt the air shift.  I have friends who genuinely seem to like being hot and sweaty, and find it a completely acceptable trade-off for living at the beach, but it’s sure not my favorite.

In fact, returning to the U.S. where “year round spring” is not a climate you’ll find in many (any?) places, the weather extremes were one of the things we talked about.  In our “what if?” games of the past, the temperature was often a major factor in eliminating a place from the list of possibilities that we would ever even consider moving to.

Interestingly, while the hugest, hugest plus of Salt Lake City (although there are actually quite a lot of pluses to SLC) is the presence of Jen, Larry, and Avila and comparative proximity to Collin, the weather is actually a factor in its favor as well.

Yes, of course, there is cold and snow in the winter, but it’s a nice crisp dry cold and the snow often comes and then clears away again.  (And, yes, we’ve heard about the inversions.)  And in the summer the weather gets hot, but nothing like the Arizona temps that our friends Chris and Louise (who are moving to SLC, too) were used to before they came down here and nothing like the sticky humidity that we experienced often in Maine.  And this past summer, as we considered and then decided to make this move, I would check the morning temperature each day in SLC and almost universally it was the same or maybe a couple of degrees cooler than it was here.  So it cools off nicely each night which I really like.

In my long ago past I had said I thought I would not ever want to live anywhere that didn’t have a recognizable change of seasons but for the first several years here I didn’t mind it at all.  After twenty years in Maine, year round spring had become pretty appealing.  But I’m actually excited about returning to the crisp air and colorful leaves of fall, the explosion of new green and flowers and growing warmth of spring, even the beauty of a new snowfall and summer’s bounty from the garden.

But, that said, the lovely temperatures of Costa Rica will definitely go on the “Things we’ll miss” list. Seventy degrees rocks!

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