Fall Back

That is, unless you’re in Costa Rica!  You know, spring forward, fall back… the daylight savings time mantra.  What many folks don’t realize is that Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone, EXCEPT it does not follow daylight savings time. So when the U.S. makes the switch in the spring, it has the “practical effect” of sliding CR over into the Mountain Time Zone.

In our earlier years here, when this happened, we were appalled that “prime time” TV was now shown from 6 to 9 pm (coming from our East Coast mentality of 8 to 11) and it seemed like a difficult shift each year. Who wanted to watch TV at 6 o’clock at night?!?  Who wanted to go to bed at 9 o’clock for goodness sake?!?

But as the years have gone by we’ve learned to like having our TV shows on from 6 to 9 and going to bed soon thereafter.  It’s much easier to get up “with the sun” (sometime prior to 6 am) when you’ve gone to bed before 10 o’clock.

So, we’ve gradually changed our life-plans around to accommodate to the earlier timetable.  We go to bed earlier, we get up earlier, we eat dinner earlier, and life seems quite fine. So now when the U.S. suddenly goes off daylight savings time and our network television “prime time” is suddenly from 7 to 10… well, it’s not such a happy development.

On the other hand, having been in Salt Lake City these past 10 days, we were delighted to see the end of daylight savings time so that we could get daylight in the morning again. Ironically, in our past life in the U.S. we felt like we valued the daylight much more at the end of the day than at the beginning, but after our 5 years here in CR with daylight arriving between 5 and 6 in the morning, year ’round, we’ve come around to really enjoying and appreciating the morning light.

So we were distressed in SLC to find ourselves waking up at 7-something — a good hour past our waking time here in CR — and still be in the pale “barely there” early morning light. It was a pleasure to wake up on Sunday and Monday there an hour earlier with good light.

We figure one of our first investments in Salt Lake (after a simple humidifier to add moisture for sleeping in the ultra-dry environment) will be one of those nifty “morning sunrise” alarm clocks that gradually brings the daylight-bulb lamp “up to speed” in the morning.  I don’t mind so much what the clock says, but I do mind waking up in the dark!  We might just sprinkle those lamps all over the house.

Of course, we got to also experience another key aspect of the change in daylight savings time — babies don’t really care about this change AT ALL.  The fall switch (fall back) supposedly gives folks an extra hour of sleep. Hah!  Tell that to all the parents of young children who can’t tell time yet.  ;-)  Avila wasn’t the slightest bit interested in this artificially controlled timetable and her Sunday schedule was all out of whack just to prove it.  Luckily it didn’t take too long to get re-synchronized (and it’s not like her schedule was that precise anyway!) but that first day or so can be a bit rough.

It’s funny, when we first moved down here I actually was worried that I’d miss the “change” in the daylight hours over the course of the year, but I’ve actually come to really enjoy the consistency where the daylight hours only vary by a small amount as the year goes by.  But maybe I’ll return to enjoying the long daylight hours of summer… Who knows?  I do know I’ll miss having the sun rise between 5 and 6 every day of the year as it does here in Costa Rica.

Babies and farm animals — neither one seems to be a big fan of daylight savings time.  The rest of us… we manage to adjust!


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