Sunsets from Costa Rica to Salt Lake City

Okay — there’s no question, we’ll miss the spectacular, mind-boggling sunsets that we’ve experienced here in Costa Rica.  Throughout our life together we’ve sought out homes that would have a sunset view, but I can say that none (to date) have ever matched our current Costa Rica home.   Even in the rainy season there are often nice sunsets, but here as the season is winding down, you get a bit complacent since many (most?) evenings are cloudy if not outright rainy and sunsets are nowhere to be seen.

So, you simply “forget to look” (yes, this is possible) and ironically, even though we’ve had nice sunsets recently, somehow today’s didn’t look like it would be much. So when Mom made a comment about the great color outside, we almost ignored it. (Yes, I’ll admit it — with her Alzheimer’s, she often “comments” on things that don’t so much bear paying attention, so we’re guilty of sometimes passing off her comments without paying too much attention.)

An unexpected sunset

But in the ongoing efforts to “connect” I looked up when she commented and looked where she was pointing and, OH MY GOD, the sky was on fire.  Absolutely amazing — aflame in a way that’s even beyond what we’ve come to consider normal. We joke that each time we see a particularly great sunset we go grab the camera (even though we now have untold hundreds of pix of sunsets!) and this time I did the same (after a moment’s hesitation) but for the first time ever my memory card was having some kind of seizure, so by the time I got that sorted out the sunset was back down to “normally” beautiful.  The photo doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Imagine this view at sunset!

Of course, this attraction to sunsets was one of the many factors in our renting this house we fell in love with in Salt Lake City.  It is literally “at the very edge” of the town of Centerville (about 10 minutes north of SLC proper), and backs directly up onto the Wasatch National Forest.  That’s to the east, which means the rest of town, then the great Salt Lake beyond, is off to the west, which means sunsets.  (Woo hoo!) We’ll keep you posted, but it is definitely one of the MANY things that we simply love about our new house.

In the meantime, there’s no question that the fantabulous sunsets over the Gulf of Nicoya will be a HUGE thing we miss about Costa Rica!


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2 Responses to Sunsets from Costa Rica to Salt Lake City

  1. lynda taylor says:

    Hi you wonderful people. So happy you found a place you will like in UT. We lived in Layton just north of Centerville. From our back deck we could see the Great Salt Lake and the sooooo beautiful sunsets. Have you sold your home here yet? How soon will you be leaving? Will you be able to come to Escazu to see us before you leave? Questions,questions……take care.

    • arden says:

      Hi, Lynda,

      Yes, our new home in Centerville really is special and we’re looking forward to it. Hard to beat our wonderful view here, but at least we know we’ll have some great views and sunsets there! Haven’t sold the house yet, although we’re getting very aggressive on pricing, so hope to soon. Might seem a little crazy to rent before having sold, but the house up there was just too perfect so we’re just going to “make it work.” Definitely hope to see you before we go!

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