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Carmen the Magician

On Tuesday morning, after the Christmas holiday was over and our trusty housekeeper, Carmen, returned to work, I showed her the tablecloth from Christmas dinner that I’d saved especially for her.  Why, you might ask? Because this beautiful white linen … Continue reading

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Wonderful Christmas With Our Gals

In our years here in Costa Rica, we’ve largely stopped doing the whole “present thing” — it started our first year here when we really didn’t know where to find anything, and we found that we’ve rather enjoyed this 6 … Continue reading

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Errand day

Yep, now that David is no longer at death’s door, and we have our car back at least for small trips, it was time to deal with a few errands.  Sounds simple enough right? Let’s backtrack just a hair to … Continue reading

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Hospital Adventures

Yes, following closely on the heels of our car adventures, we decided a few days ago to experience some hospital adventures as well. (Hey, anything in the interest of providing useful info to my readers!) So, what in the world … Continue reading

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Car Adventures

Or should that be car mis-adventures?!? The other day, David was driving our friends’ car, and managed to inadvertently and unknowingly (are those two different?) park in a loading zone somewhere in downtown San Ramon while doing errands.  As a … Continue reading

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Christmas Winds

You always hear how Costa Rica has two seasons — rainy and dry. Those two terms are pretty self-explanatory and perfectly descriptive.  As you might expect, it rains during the rainy season and doesn’t during the dry season.  So far, … Continue reading

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