Unpacking in full force

Yes, after almost exactly 4 weeks of “camping out” (although in pretty upscale style, if I do say so), they called on Thursday, about 10 days ago, to say they had the container ready to deliver. I, understandably enough, asked how long we had since we would need to arrange for the movers and they needed several days’ notice.  Nope, we had no time — they had to get it out of the railyard that day.  Okay.

Luckily, our being only about a half-hour from the railyard meant that the trucking company was perfectly happy to drop the container off at our house and give us several days to get it unloaded, rather than the more typical “live-load” (or, I suppose, that’s “live un-load” in this case) where the trucker waits and you only get a short amount of time.

We’d been pondering all week (figuring that at some point the container would turn up) where to put the container for the most efficient unloading, and while it was great that they could leave the container (since our unloaders couldn’t come until Monday morning!) it also exaggerated the potential problems of almost any place we thought of putting it.

Container neatly parked alongside our house

While our walking the dogs up in the National Forest, David had a brilliant idea that the container could be parked “alongside” our house (on the “dead-end” road just before it turns into the fire-road up into the forest) and it would just fit.  It would be out of the way until Monday, it would be a little further to the door for unloading but they wouldn’t be hauling everything uphill (a problem with our other “front-runner” location!) so hopefully it would balance out.

We had another of our “they’re SO nice!” experiences waiting for the movers to come on Monday. We had some odds and ends of “moving stuff around” that needed to happen before the container was unloaded — crap in the garage that needed to be moved downstairs and the like — so we’d called our very friendly neighbors to ask if they knew of any teenage boys in the neighborhood who might like to work for an hour or so.  Elias came over to the house later that day to look at the task to see what was needed, and when David asked how much we should pay the boys, explaining that since we’d been out of the country for so long, we were really out-of-touch.

He explained, no, we don’t pay them.  No? No.

This would be done as “service” — something that they seek out.  So on Saturday morning 3 teenagers, 2 other men, and our neighbor showed up around 10, as promised, and made short work of our initial project.  They then decided that yes, truly, they should get a jump on the container, so before we could blink one of the neighbors had run down the hill and returned with his big ol’ F250 truck which they proceeded to load up and then unload into either the garage or basement several times before they finally hit the “big stuff” and were persuaded to stop.

I’d baked chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisin cookies that morning, and they ate a few before departing.  (The rest came in handy for the professional movers on Monday who appreciated home-made cookies on their break!)  So we were well prepared for the arrival of the moving crew on Monday morning, with a good head-start on the container unloading.

The rest of the unloading went beautifully, again with a crew that was nice as could be, clearly respectful of our goods and very careful with everything.  We’d begun to really wonder about all the super-heavy stuff that needed to go downstairs, but they managed it smoothly and without complaint.  (The aforementioned cookies helped, and a good tip as a thank you was appreciated, but I feel certain they would’ve done a fine job without either.)

Once paintings are hung, we feel like we're home!

We’ve spent the last week slowly unpacking, getting art up on the walls, and getting a little more “settled in.”  The garage still looks full of boxes, but in truth is down by probably at least half. Luckily our next door neighbor here is moving in a few months, so she was glad to take a bunch of good boxes and packing materials off our hands.  Those things aren’t as difficult to come by here, of course, as they were in Costa Rica, but still, it can add up so she’s been glad to be the recipient of some of our bounty.

Nicely settling in

We’d also worried about the piano — this grand piano has been well-traveled since my folks came to live with us in Maine and each time is a little hair-raising.  These guys were perhaps the most astounding — they did it in about half an hour, with no muss or fuss, and amazingly enough only two guys!  Also amazingly enough, the piano isn’t even particularly “out of tune” as we would’ve expected.

David's mom's antique china has a nice home

Perhaps not surprisingly, despite our many hours over the past months of staring at photos and floor-plans of the house and “placing” our furniture, we had to move a few things around.  Seems that sometimes things that “fit” on paper just don’t look right in the flesh.  But in the end, we’re very pleased with how it all looks and feels, and we feel remarkably at home.  Hopefully we won’t be leaving here anytime soon (if ever) since we absolutely love it.


Okay, I can hear some of you saying, enough about the freakin’ furniture, already. Who cares. What about the BABY?!?

She’s wonderful.  Walking up a storm, still happy as a clam, smiling and laughing and just having fun.

Challenging little shoes!

Aren't I cute?!?









So, as the saying goes, that’s all the news from Lake Woebegon, or in this case, Salt Lake City.  I’ll keep trying to post more often!   And write comments, huh?  Comments are fun!

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5 Responses to Unpacking in full force

  1. Martha B. Higgins says:

    Arden, It’s so nice to hear how well everything is going and has gone for you with the huge move you’ve made, and especially wonderful to see the pictures of your beautiful grand-daughter!

    • arden says:

      Hi, Martha,

      Yes, we’re really having a blast with the baby, and really nice to be able to spend time with our daughter, too. We’d already gotten used to the kids living far away — they’d both moved out to California before we ever left Maine — but we’re sure appreciating being close again. Fun to be able to do simple things like sit down at the dinner table together, or even just run errands together. All-in-all, we’re having a great time and it’s especially nice now that home feels more like home again. ;-)

  2. Lynda Taylor says:

    Hi you guys,so glad you have got your nest “somewhat” in place. See.. I told you that SLC was a great place. And those Mormons are really something,always.always looking for some one to help. Any time you need anything just call any one in your neighborhood and they will do about anything to help. Things here are DRY!!!! I try not to water my yard but I hate to see everything go brown,Jerry says forget it.Its not going to die its just dormant. Oh well….Besides our water bill tripled last month because of me insisting on watering. Just touching base and to wish you well in your new digs. Take care and go to Neilsens in Bountiful and eat some frozen custard for me. Its to die for… really ask anyone.

  3. Hi Arden,
    Glad you are getting settled. It’s fun seeing your furniture in the new house! And I KNOW you’re having fun cooking and baking with access to all those great ingredients! Eat a chocolate chunk cookie for me…and three for Paul!

    • arden says:

      Hi, Gloria,

      Yeah, it’s still a bit amazing to just walk into the store and see such variety of food. And soon we’re going to branch out and get down, for instance, to a farm about 40 minutes away from us that has raw milk, grass fed beef, pork, chickens, etc. I do miss Carmen’s eggs! We mostly shop at a small local chain that has a store just a couple of miles from us, and even in that small store the variety is astounding.

      Hope your headaches are a thing of the past! Miss you guys!

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