YakTrax and Hats

Yes, when we gave away our YakTrax in Maine in 2006, I sure don’t think we figured we’d be buying them again in 2012.  But here we are, and today we happily bought two new pairs of YakTrax at 30% off on end-of-season sale!

Stocking up for cold weather again

In case you’re unfamiliar with YakTrax, they’re a great invention that has these wire “coils” that stretch across the soles of your shoes and give you amazing traction on slippery ice.  We’ve actually found the roads here to be completely ice free — until this morning when David tried to take our minvan up the fire road into the Wasatch National Forest behind our house and discovered it was, indeed, treacherously slippery. Since he couldn’t take the car up there, he wanted to walk the dogs up the road, but that required YakTrax.

It turns out that by the time we actually bought them, mid-morning, the ice had melted, and odds are good we won’t really need them at all this year.  But, next year winter will roll around again, and they’re great to have on hand.  We hadn’t discovered these until our last couple of years in Maine and they truly transformed the experience of walking across slippery parking lots and down slick, sloping ice-covered driveways.  Facing winter is much less daunting with your YakTrax handy.

We’ve had to pick up a few other odds and ends for cold weather and we’ve benefited mightily from the fact that winter is winding down (not that it ever seemed to really wind up this year).  We bought up piles of knit gloves for 60¢ for a 2-pair pack, and just today got a nice little electric heater to make the bathroom all toasty when Mom’s getting dressed for $15 which was half price.

Big fat flakes falling

As we move toward spring, winter is giving its last hurrah and we’ve had snow off and on the past couple of days.  Today it was interesting to watch as the snow starting falling again this afternoon with big fat flakes, but the existing snow on our deck railing was melting (evaporating?) faster than the new snow was accumulating.  We’ve acquired a couple of new inches this evening, but history here (for all of the three weeks we’ve been here!) suggests it won’t last long tomorrow, and they’re predicting spring-like temps this weekend.

In the meantime, we’re finding this little “taste” of winter to be a nice way to ease back into it, so hopefully next year’s full winter won’t seem to daunting.  Having a gas fireplace for the first time in our lives has been a treat and made it all much cozier.  Now I just need to sort out exactly how to spray all the fruit trees in our backyard (I found a promising-looking “natural” spray online!) since notwithstanding our new YakTrax, I suspect I’ll be needing to spray trees before I get around to wearing them.


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