The leaves, they are a changin’

It is well documented in my book (Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving to Costa Rica) that I had decided I’d seen enough change of seasons, that I wasn’t missing it at all in Costa Rica.  And that was absolutely true when I wrote it.

BUT, a couple more years have passed since then and, in fact, I did miss it, although certainly that alone wouldn’t have been reason enough to come back.  ;-)

So, here we are, back in the land of four-true-seasons, so a couple of days ago, we set out with Chris and Louise to see ourselves some leaves!

And, indeed, we did exactly that. Some gorgeous leaves, to be more precise.  We dropped Mom at the Day Center around 9 (a little earlier than usual) and consolidated ourselves into Chris and Louise’s Durango.  We headed out the highway, briefly, before turning off onto roads less traveled.

With much ooh-ing and ahhh-ing, we wound our way up to Midway, in the

The mix of greens, yellows, and red was part of the beauty

Heber Valley up beyond the well-known ski area of Park City.  (You can get to Park City — or Midway, for that matter — by a much more direct highway route, but we weren’t after speed and efficiency, we were after LEAVES!)

Midway was the site of Swiss Days, where I’d gone a few weeks ago with Jen, Kate, and Megan, and we’d planned on going back there with Chris and Louise one of these days just to poke around, sans festival.  So we found a great antique shop — quite large with some very handsome pieces — and all amused ourselves wandering around a bit, feeling like tourists.

We then asked for directions to the key place that *I* wanted to go, a nearby dairy that sold raw milk and artisan cheeses.  As it turned out, the antique shop owner knew exactly the place, and the landmark in the directions (turn left at Tarahumara) turned out to also be her recommendation for lunch. (“The best Mexican food, it’s the BOMB!” she said.)

What is there to say? Gorgeous!

So, two half-gallons of raw milk, several chunks of yummy cheese, an absolutely delicious lunch with the most spectacular salsa bar I’ve ever seen, followed by a stop at their bakery for (of all things) amazing Tiramisu and chocolate eclairs (go figure) to go… and we were back on the road in search of more leaves.

We headed back around through the Uintas National Forest (adjacent to our own Wasatch National Forest), past the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, along about 15 miles of narrow, very twisty-turn-y, but beautifully paved road, past more spectacular fall leaves.

I’m sure that there will be cold, blustery days in the winter(s) to come when we’ll remember Costa Rica’s “year ’round spring” with longing, but for now, it was wonderful to again see the splendor of the changing leaves.

And along with fall leaves comes fall apple picking, and we spent the day canning apples!  So stay tuned for a new post soon with our excellent adventures in the kitchen!

The most recent harvest

And now that we folks in the U.S. and Canada are *officially* into fall, Happy Fall everyone!


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7 Responses to The leaves, they are a changin’

  1. Mmmmm…I can almost taste the sweet crunch of a fall apple freshly picked, smell the crisp air, and, thanks to your photos, see the orange, red, and yellow of the turning leaves. Fall was always our favorite time back in Baltimore. We often took drives out to western Maryland/Virginia’s Skyline Drive for the same reason. Thanks for the vicarious “visit!”
    Gloria & Paul

    • arden says:

      Hi, Gloria,

      Great to hear from you. Yes, our kids used to tease us in Maine since every year we would “ooh” and “ahhh” over the leaves as though we’d never seen them before. We had that same sensation here — like seeing fall colors for the first time. Glad you enjoyed “the drive!” As far as the apples go, we feared we might not have much of a crop since we never did get around to figuring out the whole “spraying” issue — although I did find a seemingly great “natural” non-toxic spray, we didn’t sort it out in time to actually *do* it — but we’ve had a pretty good supply of apples anyway, with lots more still in the trees. Avila loves to collect them from the ground after I knock them out of the tree, so we’ll do more apple-picking this week, and then MORE canning. Plus I’ve got a freezer-full of apricots, so apricot jam is in our future too!

      Hugs to all,

  2. Martha B. Higgins says:

    Arden, the photos are fantastic and the leaves prettier than Maine’s this year, at least those on MDI. A week of beautiful weather this week, so smiles from me. Avila just keeps getting cuter. Hope you are enjoying Utah as much as it sounds like you are.

    • arden says:

      Hi, Martha,

      Sorry for the late reply — I’m behind with the blog! Yes, the leaves have been very pretty and especially after “missing” them for all these years! We’re still having gorgeous weather, although we did have snow last week! Perhaps some more this weekend, but then 70s the other day and sunny every day. Loving it here. Yes, we consider ourselves very lucky that this is the place we happend to end up — we’re just loving it here.

      So nice to “see” you here. New post coming soon!


  3. Debbie King says:

    WOW looks awesome …after 21 tears here in Costa Rica I now WISH I could afford to live THERE :) happy times to you

    • arden says:

      Hi, Debbie,
      Interestingly, we spend less on almost everything here in the U.S. than we were spending in Costa Rica. Definitely not the cheap place it might have once been.

  4. Debbie King says:

    TEARS !!!LOL I meant YEARS..but there have been a few tears along the way ….

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