Fall fell into winter

I’d closed my post the other day mentioning that it had snowed and we had about 4 inches.  A nice little layer to give a hint of winter to come and we expected it would be gone the next day, the way our previous little “hint” of winter had done a couple of weeks before.

Yes, a bit more than 4 inches of snow

Turns out I was a little ahead of myself in the presumption of a quick disappearance to the snow.  When we got up the next morning, as daylight arrived through our big glass slider, I happened to be curled up in bed facing the other way.  So when David said, “Did you see the snow?” I rolled over and deliberately looked out at the deck railing — the most obvious “measurement” of snow depth.  Yikes! That 4 inches from the previous day now looked to be closer to a foot.

(I actually measured just a bit later in the morning and it was — at that time — just under 10 inches.  And THEN it proceeded to snow for the rest of that day and night, and all the next day.)

Although it snowed nearly constantly for the rest of the weekend, it was mostly light, with small flakes, so it didn’t add up to as much as it could have, and it was hard to get a final depth since our reliable railing measurement system became less reliable as snow got blown off, brushed off, squished down by its own weight, and so on.  If I had to guess, I’d say we got around 18″ total.

Luckily we had snow shoveling assistance

It was very handy that my dear old friend, Ursula, was visiting since she pitched right in — really above and beyond the call of duty! — and helped out with the shoveling.  Given the extended “range” of the snowfall, we had to shovel the driveway several times, but the good news I guess is that meant we never were shoveling off the full 18 inches at one time!  ;-)


Our snowy house

The sun conveniently came out for a while on Sunday morning, so I was able to get some pretty shots before it clouded up and started snowing again.  Just as we’d experienced when we first arrived here last February, they get the roads cleared very quickly.  So for much of the weekend, driving was actually no problem and the snow didn’t affect either Ursula’s arrival Friday night or departure Sunday afternoon.

A winter wonderland, for sure!


The next ten days are predicted to be sunny, snow-free, and I suspect my original expectation that the snow all disappears will prove correct, even though my timetable was obviously a bit off.  And we’re the first to acknowledge there may certainly come a time when the arrival of 18 inches of snow in early November will be viewed with dread rather than joy, but for now we’re just enjoying the beauty, appreciating the dry roads and sunny days, and having a blast with this early taste of winter.  More pictures below — hope you enjoy them!

Looking out our backyard

Admire that snow-free driveway

Looking up to the left in front of our house

Across the street

The snowy town below

A day and a half later, snow's half gone

Throwing snowballs at her daddy. Jen says her aim was great, but not so much on distance!




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10 Responses to Fall fell into winter

  1. Kay says:

    That’d make me pine for the tropics real fast. Just back from 2 weeks in Puerta Vallarta and will go to Acapulco for a week in February–sharing Brad’s sister’s time share in a very nice resort. Planning a month in CR next June with the family. All g’kids speaking spanish now and we’re going for a immersion month.

    • arden says:

      Hi, Kay,

      Yeah, I figure some day that will be our response too, but for now we’re all actually enjoying the change! Your travels sound like great fun. We speak Spanish with Avila some, so at 19-months she’s “tri-lingual” — to the extent that she’s “lingual” at all! — with English, Spanish, and Signing. She actually talks up a storm now, although in a language that consists of a very few words which have *many* context-dependent meanings. ;-) Keeps us on our toes.

      Stay in touch and tell the rest of the Shreveport gang hi from us all. Mom’s hangin’ in there — about the same. (Well, there’s the expected slowly-progressing diminishment, but she’s over-all as “well” as one might expect.)


  2. So beautiful, but give me the tropics any day! Glad you are enjoying it though. Snow’s always more fun with a child to enjoy it with.

    • arden says:

      Hi, Gloria,

      I know — as I say, I’m sure we’ll tire of it eventually, but for now at least we’re really appreciating the beauty, and especially how much more pleasant it is than the snow was in Maine, where it was often heavy, wet, sort-of a bone-chilling cold. Here, with the elevation, the sun is so strong that it *feels* much warmer! And now, even with that much depth, we’re down to a fraction of it, and it’ll be gone before long. Hopefully more before Christmas.

  3. Martha B. Higgins says:

    Beautiful job of clearing the snow from your driveway, Arden! Glad you had some help. Your Avila is so cute and her smile is infectious. Happy Winter from snowless Maine. We did get an inch or two last week but it quickly melted. Yesterday was in the 60s and today in the 50s, not bad for mid-November in Maine.

    • arden says:

      Yeah, even with this much depth, it’s disappearing fast! Actual temps here have stayed pretty chilly, but with the elevation the sun is so strong that it feels really warm *and* it melts (evaporates?) the snow really fast. Hoping for more before Christmas so we can have the “winter wonderland” AND the holiday lights. ;-)

  4. Jen says:

    What beautiful photos Arden! Trips to the snow are the one thing we miss from our old lives that we can’t find a substitute for here. Looking forward to holiday photos you know Christmas light displays and perhaps a sleigh ride? Wishing you all the best.

    • arden says:

      Hi, Jen,

      Yes, you know, when we first moved to Costa Rica in ’06, we felt like we wouldn’t miss the snow at all — and didn’t for the first several years! But it’s been long enough that we’re really enjoying the beauty *and* the fact that the Salt Lake area is so much drier (and thus MUCH more “comfortable”) when it snows than Maine was, and with the strong sun at our elevation (a bit over 4,000 ft.) it’s really delightful. Even the shoveling wasn’t bad. (Yeah, I know, give it time….) ;-) Yes, I will definitely be posting holiday pix! Happy anniversary to you and Bill, too!

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