Costa Rican Weather

Yep.  That’s what we’ve got at the moment in Utah.  Around 65 when we get up in the morning, around 85 mid-afternoon.  Clear blue skies all day, gentle breeze.  Of course, that all makes sense given that Costa Rica’s central valley is often referred to as having “year round spring” weather and it is, in fact, spring here now!  ;-)

And a beautiful spring it’s been, too.  Like many things in Costa Rica, we chose not to “miss” the changing of the seasons and, in fact, appreciated what change there was — that is, from dry season to wet (as is happening around now) and then back to dry again in November.  And the end of the “windy season” was always welcome.  But, truthfully, now that we’re back into a true four-season location, we really are enjoying those changes.

(And, yes, of course there is likely to come some time in the future when the arrival of winter, for instance, might seem less enthralling and maybe then we’ll be attracted to CR’s eternal spring again, or maybe we’ll find some other exotic place to visit for a while.  But for now, we’re still enjoying all four seasons.)

Sunset cocktails for the hummingbirds

We luckily missed out on those last couple of late-season snowstorms that hit the midwest, so we’re deeply into green grass, leafy trees, and flowers with those wonderful temperatures that require neither heat nor cooling.  It’s been fun watching our hummingbirds again along with an explosion of other returning migratees. (Hmmm, spell-check says there’s not such a word?  You know what I mean, though, right?)  Since neither of us had ever lived out west before, we’re still learning our local birds, although some like the plentiful bald eagles that are here year ’round are pretty easy to recognize!

Spring will also finally bring a new aortic valve to David’s heart, two weeks from now in fact.  We’re delighted that he’s qualified for the trans-catheter procedure which is SO much less invasive (and WAY less recovery time and problems) than open-heart which they’d first scheduled him for.

Avila reading to Poppy

There are likely to still be other visits to the cath-lab over the summer depending on what specific benefits (or not) he gets solely from the new valve, but by the time we change seasons again to fall, he should really be in tip-top shape which will be great for everyone.  Avila loves to spend time with her Poppy, so for him to get a good all-over “tune-up” now so that he can keep up with her in years to come… well, let’s just say we’re grateful that we’re back in the land of Medicare and a first-class hospital associated with the University of Utah.

Speaking of Avila, she celebrated her second birthday a few weeks ago and while she’s still a little peanut physically, she’s becoming such a “big girl” right before our very eyes.  The talking explosion has continued and we are steadily amazed at the stuff that comes out of her mouth.  She is always watching, always noticing, and remembering everything it seems.  I see a fun summer ahead of us.

Okay, I’m getting the timing between posts down (three months before my last previous post and only two months this time!) so I’ll keep shooting for a bit more frequency.  And, please, leave COMMENTS!  Even if it’s just to say hi.  I love comments!  ;-)


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4 Responses to Costa Rican Weather

  1. Kay McPherson says:

    We will be thinking about David and sending some good vibes your way.

    We are just back from three weeks in the British isles. Great trip. Heading to Vermont to see the Penuels and plan to spend some time in Maine. What should we not miss there–first trip there.

    How is your Mom?

    BEst to all, kay

    • arden says:

      Hi, Kay,

      Great to hear from you, as always. And thanks for asking about mom — I realized after I’d posted I probably should’ve said something — I know folks are often left wondering if she’s still with us. Which she is, although in a continued diminished form. We had a scare a few weeks ago when I was getting her ready for bed and turned my back for the split second it took me to grab something in her closet and heard/felt this huge “thunk” — whirled around and she was face first on the floor. She’d seemingly not just “fallen” off the bed but actually “pushed herself” (inadvertently, trying to probably push herself *back* further onto the bed) so she hit with some force. Eyes open and breathing, but not “conscious” in any sense that *I* would use the word. Got to test out our 911 — which was remarkable, the EMTs had literally arrived while David was still on the phone with the dispatcher, less than 3 minutes from our deciding to call. During the time they were here she came around and seemed pretty “stable” and has been “okay” since then, but one small step further “down” the ladder of the inexorable decline. She gets up every day, we dress, eat three meals, sit in her wingback chair in the living room, etc. but there’s not much “life” in her day — it’s a pretty quiet existence, not because we won’t do anything else with her, but because that’s all she’s really capable of. After this last head clunk she seems to have gone from not just “not knowing” who WE are to now not knowing who SHE is. So, there you are… she’s still “with us” but only in some ways. She doesn’t seem to be suffering at all, though, and who knows what might be going on inside her head. ;-) Please do give Arnold and Patty our very best. How great that you’re getting up to see them, and to Maine. Eat lobster, lots of it! A slightly bizarre but VERY cool thing is to go to EARTHA, the 3-story tall world globe that’s at the headquarters of the Delorme Map Co. in Freeport. You can see it from the highway (I-95) and you should definitely exit and actually go visit. It’s amazing. Also LL Bean is just a fun thing to see “for real” if you’ve shopped from the catalogs at all over the years. You can hardly go wrong with whatever you decide to do!

      hugs to all,

  2. Deborah Kauffeld says:

    I cannot get over that Avila is already two! That time really flies, doesn’t it? So glad to hear you have settled into your new life!

    I still long for four seasons but I’m a little hesitant to go back to winter. How has the cold weather been for you?

    Hoping David’s surgery go splendidly.

    • arden says:

      Hi, Deborah,

      SO nice to hear from you. I KNOW, it’s hard to believe she’s two! She’s just amazing — it’s like you can watch the little wheels turning inside her head… and they NEVER STOP! ;-) We’re having SO much fun. You know, we were a bit hesitant about winter, especially since David has a long-standing issue with “nerve pain” in his arms which the cold definitely seems to exacerbate, but we really just didn’t mind the winter at all. Interestingly, we’ve both lived in Minnesota in past lives (prior to knowing each other) and we’d often said that Maine winter wasn’t bad in comparison to Minnesota winter. WELL, we both completely agree that Utah winter is nothing compared to Maine winter. It’s dry, almost always sunny, and although I bought winter coats when we got here (obviously having none after spending the past six “winters” in Costa Rica!) I never actually wore them. A good fleece was always ample. It’s so *warm* in the sun (even when the actual temp is pretty low) and it’s almost never not sunny. By everyone’s accounts we had a much “harder” winter than is typical — many folks said they hadn’t seen a winter like this in their memory! — so if this is as bad as it gets, no complaints. (On the other hand, I *don’t* think I would have wanted to go back to Maine’s much wetter, icy-er, yuckier by my standards winter. So, lucky happenstance that we’ve ended up “out west” here where the weather really is quite remarkable!)

      Hope you’re settling in well there. I do miss keeping up with what you’re doing with your writing, photography, etc. so would love an email update any time you were up for it.

      big hugs,

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