Goblins and Snow Storms

But wait, isn’t it May? Do I have my seasons and my holidays seriously mixed up? No, actually we were in Goblin Valley (Utah) last weekend, home of some amazing rock formations (the “goblins”) and did, indeed, drive through a fluke snow storm on our way home. Just a normal old day in Utah.  ;-)

Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley

The brochure put out by the Utah State Park folks had this to say: “From deposits 170 million years ago by a vast inland sea, Goblin Valley was sculpted by forces of nature such as uplift and erosion by wind and water…resulting in the stone gnomes inhabiting the valley.”

~Pic by Jen/Larry Ostroski

It really is some phenomenal looking terrain, although the cloudy weather means our pictures don’t really do it justice.

This was really a camping trip for Jen and Larry and a bunch of their friends, but we got to tag along by virtue of providing the transportation for Avila to join them the second day of their trip. (This weekend had been long-planned before anyone realized it was the same weekend as the must-attend dress rehearsal for Avila’s ballet recital.)

It was lots of fun despite very uncooperative weather. It was spitting rain on Saturday when we arrived and continued to do so until bedtime, when it began to rain in earnest.

The kids’ new-to-them pop-up tent camper was a champ—kept us all dry and comfy through the long rainy night. But the downside of the weather was that the entire gang began breaking camp first thing on Sunday morning—concerned as much as anything about their ability to slog out through the sandy road which was now looking pretty swampy.

We felt most vulnerable in our two-wheel drive minivan, so were among the first to actually leave, before the “road” got too torn up.  David did some masterful driving and we made it out, although that entailed driving on the desert itself some instead of the swamped road! The remaining drive home was uneventful, passing through more dramatic terrain and for a good chunk of time the spitting rain turned into a pretty good snow storm, just to keep things interesting!

But, beyond that, spring has continued in full force.  I had tomato plants that were going crazy inside so I succumbed to the lure of the warm weather and planted them early in the month.  We, of course, had early morning frost the first couple of days of last week, so both plants froze.  But internet research suggested they might well come back (thank you Mr. Google) and one has resoundingly done so, with the jury still out on the other. But we do truly seem to be past frost now (she says, hopefully) so in went the other ‘maters, along with a few other things in big pots and our front bed.  We’ll see what happens. I’m not nearly as successful channeling Daddy’s inner-gardener as I’d like.

A Lambie and Her Flowers

The big news of the past week, though, was the ballet recital—Avila’s first performance on the big stage. She was a little lambie and, as you might expect, was cute as a bug. (Always wondered about that expression—how many bugs are really that cute?!?) Anyway, you know what I mean!  She’s been looking forward to this for weeks, if not months, and her performance at the dress rehearsal last weekend was great but she was somewhat “oddly” stunned by it all. Apparently the dress rehearsal helped make the big stage more comfortable after all, though (as it’s somewhat designed to do) and she had an absolute blast in her performance Friday evening, although the most joy seemed to come at the end when she got flowers!

Another “big one” for us recently was a great visit by son, Collin, and his sweetie, Katy.  It was just a “long weekend” but we had a great time just hanging out together, getting to know Katy a little, and catching up with Collin. Looking forward to the next visit.

I’ll close with some more pix of Avila for those who, like us, can’t get enough (okay, well there’s probably NO ONE like us in that regard, but I know there are some of you who do enjoy a few more pix!) and hope that you’ll leave a comment to let me know you dropped by!

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7 Responses to Goblins and Snow Storms

  1. Sally says:

    The best part of recitals when I was little were the costumes. I could have cared less about the actual performance… but the costumes!!!! Cute, cute pictures — love them.

  2. Gloria says:

    Great pics! Sounds like a fun trip.
    G & P

    • arden says:

      Hi, Gloria and Paul,

      Yes, the biggest drawback was simply that with the bad weather, things just got cut short so we missed out on much of the “camping” fun. Even so, we thoroughly enjoyed it and we’ve found that in the state park they have newly built “yurts” for overnight rent, so an even fancier form of camping. We’re thinking we’ll do that at some point (maybe late next spring) with Chris and Louise.
      Hugs to you both!

  3. Ardis Nicholson says:

    Love reading your blogs! Goblin Valley really looks fascinating. I hope you get to go back. Really good to see Collin. I can’t begin to tell you how long ago it must have been when he was here in Shreveport, but I really liked him and enjoyed talking to him. He’s so grown!! As for Avila!!!! What can I say, being one of those who like LOTS of pictures of her? Adorable! I know the pleasure of watching every little thing they say and do and knowing how remarkable it is. I have no problem getting older because I’ve had my grandchildren to obsess over during this time. Hopefully, it will continue for us both.

    • arden says:

      Always so good to see you here, Ardis! Yes, if we don’t make it back to Goblin this year (being “desert” it turns beastly hot pretty soon into the summer and we’ve already got a trip to Yellowstone planned for fall), it’ll be on the agenda for sure as a late-spring trip next year. (Maybe just a *little* bit later in the spring than this year!) It’s funny — some years ago, before Avila was even a glint in her parents’ eye, I’d had two different girlfriends tell me they just couldn’t wait to be grandmas. I was sort-of like, meh, whatever. It really just hadn’t even come into focus on my radar screen yet, I guess. But now, of course, I can’t even *imagine* missing any of this!! Love seeing your littles on FB now and then!

      lots of love,

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