Summer in Full Swing

Yep, it’s definitely summer and it’s been a fine one.  Had some hot days (Salt Lake City officially hit 100 the other day although it was a touch cooler here) but we still marvel at the difference the low humidity makes in keeping things comfortable.  Many days we don’t even turn on the air conditioner until late morning or even early afternoon.

Yankee chillin' in the shade

At our elevation, the sun is pretty fierce, though, so David’s dog walking in the National Forest behind our house takes place early in the morning, before the sun has popped over the mountain-tops to keep the dogs (and him!) cooler. And we’ve finally learned that Yankee is a much happier pooch in the heat with a short haircut (and we’re much happier since he goes in the river most days and he dries out a LOT faster with short hair!) so he gets a clip a couple of times in the summer. He’ll be all grown out again before he wants his fur coat back for winter.

'Tis apricot season

Fresh, frozen, in ice cream, they're everywhere!

We know it must be summer because we have apricots coming out our ears! It’s only one tree, but it produces plenty—I’ve been freezing them by the plateful so they’ll stay “individual” rather than turn into huge apricot-flavored ice blocks (which was our previous experience) and then put them in ziplocs so we can use them later in the year. And we eat a lot of them just as they are. And Chris and Louise dry some in their dehydrator.  And we make apricot smoothies and apricot ice cream. And… well, you get the idea.  Good thing I love apricots!

"I'll have corn for dessert" she says!

It’s also corn season and Avila loves corn on the cob.  After she’d eaten 2/3 of an ear the other day, she declared she wanted the final third for dessert! Amazingly enough, we just discovered cooking corn still IN its husk which is transforming our corn experience.  It’s great on the grill, but we also found that you can just throw them into the microwave, cook for 2 minutes per ear (4 minutes, in other words, for 2 ears), leave them to hang out a few minutes afterwards, and not only are they cooked perfectly but the husks AND all the silk comes right off.  It’s incredible! I generally try to stay away from the microwave, but now that I’ve discovered this, I think it’s the only way I’ll do it from now on, at least when I’m doing small batches. How do you cook your corn?

Lots and lots o' apples

The Pineapple tomatoes starting to ripen

I’m finally getting tomatoes this year, so more success on the gardening scene. And the apple tree is so laden with apples it’s amazing. Since we don’t spray, and I missed the magic window to try out my bagging experiment, we’ll see how much usable fruit we get come fall.  With that many apples currently out there, I have a feeling we’ll have plenty, even after sharing some with the worms.

First time filling the new pool

And what is summer without swimming? Avila’s blow-up pool from last year mysteriously ripped a couple of weeks ago so we ventured forth to buy a new one.  It’s already considered “late” in the season for pool purchases so selection was limited, but we ended up finding a monstrously large one for less money than her elephant-slide pool last year was (plus we can still use the elephant slide), so we felt okay about that. As you can see, even grandma gets into the action sometimes—although usually only at Avila’s insistence! When full it’s big enough for Avila to actually swim around with her floaties, so other than the fact that we’re killing off more and more of the grass, it’s a winner.

Our flag a'flying

For the 4th of July we had friends from Costa Rica who have also moved back visiting in their new 5th wheel, so we played tourist one day and went out to Antelope island to look for bison, antelope, and owls and float in the Great Salt Lake.  It was fun to catch up with them and a little shocking to realize it had been 8 years (almost to the day) since we’d met in Costa Rica.  How time flies!

As usual, I’ll close with some more Avila pix for those of you who only endure my ramblings in order to get to the good stuff.  ;-) And don’t be alarmed at what looks like Avila at the hospital. We’d just gone in for the 1-year follow-up for David’s valve replacement so she’s just goofing around, waiting for the doc. (Oh, and yes, the surgeon’s report was that David’s heart looks great! And he gave us two great pieces of advice—one was that chasing after Avila was the best cardiac rehab David could ever wish for and two was to stay away from doctors. He said the more you go to the doctor, the more chance you give ‘em to break something! My kind of doc!)

Okay, enough out of me!  How’s your summer going?


Just hangin' at the hospital

Kissing fingertips

What do you mean you don't wear gloves on your feet?

Hugging little brother "Scoopie"

Still lovin' the sand turtle

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4 Responses to Summer in Full Swing

  1. kay mcpherson says:

    Cook my corn just like you do in the micro. So easy.
    Our son and his family are here for a month before making their big adventure move tto Dalien, China. THey will both be teaching at the Dalian American International School–started by Intel 8 years ago–and granddaughter Naia will be a freshman in high school there. Very excited about their adventure and we are planning a trip to visit next year. In the mean time it is our family’s year to be together and we always wnet to Albq. since that was halfway between here and LA. The new venue is costa rica. all the kids want to revisit memories there and since Joe and co. have 3 weeks off the 13 hour trip will not be too terrible for them. We are looking for a beach place to sleep 12. Do you have any recollection of places near the beach. Not particular which beach. Nicoya peninsula or punteranas area or whatever. we will visit the central and meseta and also arenal area. Brad and I Will either go early or stay later to visit friends and refresh ourselves.
    sounds like life is treating you very well in your new abode. Nothing like being near grandchildren. Our grandson from LA comes tues, his mom next tues. when Joe and co. leave Augusst 1 Tara, Dex, Brad and I are driving to DC and will meet her husband there. Tara is giving a couple of keynotes and the rest of us will be tourist.
    Love your blog. BTW are they hard to do. Mich wants to set one up for sending updates from China.
    Hello to David. So glad he is doing very well. I have had my pace maker almost a year now an have no more syncope episodes so I guess they found my problem.

    More later. K

    • arden says:

      Hi, Kay — So great to hear from you! I was literally just moments ago thinking that I hadn’t heard from you for awhile and hoped that you’d get a chance to look in on the blog. Sounds like lots of great travel going on with the family. And fun to all meet up in Costa Rica!! I don’t know much over on the Nicoya peninsula, but if you’re interested in maybe going a bit more south — we used to go to the Pelican Hotel in Esterillos Este ( ) and really enjoyed it. It’s about midway between Jacó and Quepos/Manuel Antonio. No, closer to Jacó actually, so maybe 1/3 of the way in between? It went through a pretty rough spell, quite a slump, but was finally bought by someone and our friends still there say it’s much improved and lots of fun again. It’s small — a dozen rooms or so — but has some options like a “family room” with a bunch of beds and other options that might work for your crowd. They used to run a “rent one room at full price and get second for half off” so you might ask about that (kinda doubt they still do that, but hey, never hurts to ask!) Good restaurant right there, sweet little pool, decent prices, right on the beach. Might be one to look at.

      And yes, there’s nothing like being near the grandchild(ren). We’ve often said that’s one of the very odd but excellent “side effects” of our moving to Costa Rica — if we were still just rumbling along with our “normal” old life in Maine, me at a regular job, etc. etc. it seems very unlikely that it would have occurred to us to pick up and move out here to Utah when Avila was born. It was ironically *easier* to consider the move from Costa Rica and now that we’re here, we can hardly imagine missing out on this “day-to-day” life with Avila and now Scoopie on the way (and, of course, with Jen and Larry too!).

      So glad to hear your pacemaker has done the trick for you! And hi to Brad!


  2. david says:

    Great to hear our news!

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