Dog Days!

You know the dog days of summer. Those steamy, hot days where it feels like summer might drag on forever. While the ancient Romans established the dog days as the period pretty much between 10 July and 10 August (having nothing to do with actual dogs, of course, but rather Sirius, the “dog star”), I think many of us think of the term mostly during August.  August has always seemed like the hottest month, the heaviest-feeling month in the summer, and as such might be my least favorite month.

Not this year!  We’ve had a spectacular August and are now on our second spell of cool weather. Cool enough to not need the air conditioning at all. (In fact, we wouldn’t need even the fans we use if our danged living room had opening windows in it!  Curse those big ol’ fixed slabs of glass!)

Cool enough for positively delightful sleeping. (Lows the last couple of nights have actually been down in the 50s. Ahhh….)

And rain. We’ve had a bit of rain! Now I understand that for many folks, rain may not seem like something to cheer about, but we live in the high desert (a fact that’s easy to overlook since everything is lush and green thanks to an almost universal “secondary water” sprinkler systems) and have the dubious distinction of being the second driest state in the nation. So rain is a very good thing!

The cooler weather has given a delightful hint of fall to come. And fall brings all kinds of fun things.

First, school starts. And Avila is joining the crowd by starting in at the Happy Panda two days a week.  We all went to a pre-school open house on Saturday and she had an absolute blast checking everything out.   Guess we’ll be learning some basic Mandarin as well, just so we can help reinforce what she’s learning.

Then, on Saturday the 6th, our Rec Center’s annual Dog-a-pool-ooza will be happening. Yankee looks forward to this every year! (Oh, okay, maybe it’s David who looks forward to it; Yankee doesn’t seem to have a very good sense of the calendar.) Yankee does have a blast, though, and we’re hoping to take Avila this year too. A good time to be had by all!!

Speaking of Yankee, he not only doesn’t have a good sense of the calendar, he apparently doesn’t have a good sense of his size either.  He thinks he’s a lap-dog! Ridiculous creature.  ;-)

Tomatoes are going crazy, peaches are ripening on the tree, apples are starting to show the first blushes of color….

So, what’s going on in your corner of the world as the summer winds down?


A recent sunset....

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2 Responses to Dog Days!

  1. Deborah says:

    First, let me remind you – I live in Florida where summer lasts forever! It isn’t a feeling; it’s a reality! I long for the weather you are having. Seems to me that it is rare for Florida to have that kind of weather even during winter. A “cold snap” means the temperature goes down perhaps three degrees! At 50 degrees the natives pull out their down parkas! As far as not using A/C for the day, we probably have two months before I can imagine that happening. And then there is the humidity…

    Okay, got that out of my system, again! You really have to expect a little of that coming your way from someone in Florida longing for that kind of weather but I’m done now. I think!

    Glad to hear you are having a great August. Take care.

    • arden says:

      Hi, Deborah,

      Yeah, although I know that a *large* number of the ex-expats end up in Florida, we just can’t take that relentless heat and humidity. I recognize we might be in a minority but frankly I’d rather have some winter (especially here where the dry air and sun of the elevation makes it just not feel too bad!) vs. the seemingly endless summer. ;-) I know once you’re “mobile” you’ll enjoy having some weather variety and the chance to seek out the weather you’re craving at the moment. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a “cold snap” in September!

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