Rainy season

Recent double-rainbow

Oh, all right, maybe calling it the “rainy season” is a bit of a stretch, but we have actually had rain at some point on each of the past five days, which here in the high desert might well earn the moniker. But we can—luckily!—feel pretty certain that we won’t ever have 7″ of rain in one day as they reported from our old neighborhood of Magallanes in Costa Rica last week!!

The good news is that we recently had some car repair work done which included fixing our windshield wipers which had taken to running erratically. For quite a while (months, if truth be told) we didn’t bother too much about getting them fixed since in our previous 2+ years here, we’d truly hardly ever seen it rain. But now with our “rainy season” upon us, we’re sure glad they’re working consistently again!

This morning's harvest

A plethora of 'maters

The other good news is that the rain has given me a break from the daily tomato watering which I’m, admittedly, very bad about remembering to do.  But I must have managed “enough” water because we’re getting LOTS of tomatoes! Next year I’ve got to come up with a better staking method since as it is I spend lots of time crawling around on the ground trying to unearth and pick the ripe tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes ready for slow roasting. Yum!

We still have a TON of green tomatoes, so we should continue to have a generous harvest for the next month or so. We’ll have to remember, too, that the Lemon Boys (the bright yellow ones, not surprisingly, in the picture above) were especially good, as were the Pineapple Tomatoes (none in the picture since I’d put them in a pot, which makes them especially vulnerable to my watering vagaries which, in turn, has limited their output), and the Sweet 100s are always a favorite. The Black Krim made an unusual looking and very tasty tomato, but the plant just up-and-died on me a few weeks ago. Weirdest thing.  And, frankly, now that I’m writing it, they ALL taste delicious, so singling out any one type is a little unfair to the others. (And far be it from me to hurt my tomatoes’ feelings!)

Becoming apple crisp

Fruit Crisp for Breakfast

Along with the tomatoes, the apples continue in full force.  We started picking but have a long ways to go. Without an orchard ladder, the apples up high will just be left to drop on their own, and lots fall anyway, but that still leaves us more to pick than we can possibly deal with. But meanwhile we’re enjoying lots of apple (and other fruit) crisps, for both breakfast and the occasional dessert, and apple slices are one of Avila’s favorite snacks, so no complaints. I think I’ll set up the crockpot soon for applesauce. Any other good suggestions for what I should make?

Enough produce already? How about a whole bunch o’ Avila pix? Yeah? Okay. I aim to please.

Ready for school

Check out the hair!

Avila continues to enjoy pre-school and got a chance to “strut her stuff” — her authentic Chinese stuff, that is — last week when they had Chinese “show and tell” day. She’s lucky enough to have an uncle who spent a couple of years recently in China and a little best pal, Charlotte, who lives in Dallas now but started her life in China, so between them both she had several authentic items to show, including her amazing little dress and hairdo (thanks to Nana and Grandma Sandra, Charlotte’s grandma).

Last swim of the season

Last chance at "playing baby"

Although we’re supposed to get down into the 40s tonight (for the first time in months), Avila was in the pool less than a week ago. Last swim of the season, we knew, and today she and Poppy put all the pool and sand-turtle toys away. Right along with getting more and more “grown-up” she’s also taking her last shot at being “the baby” before Scoopie comes and she’s decided that the middle shelf on our “dinner cart” is just the right baby bed.

Princess party

VERY long braid

She attended a “princess party” last weekend for one of her little school pal’s and she was oh-so-happy to go as Rapunzul (or TanglyHead as she’s known in Avila’s home). The combination of princess dress and VERY long braid made it near-perfection in Avila’s world and she somehow managed to keep her braid attached for the entire party!

We’ll close with two last shots — one I captured of Avila just sitting happily, sporting what looks like a green headband, but is actually a dog leash wrapped around her head so that it would trail down her back to be “Rapunzel’s braid.” The other is just a snap of a very wind-blown Louise and me at Yellowstone. Just so I’m not hiding completely behind words alone!

Anything fun going on in your neck of the woods?  Got suggestions for tomato staking or what to do with too many apples? I love to hear from you!

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5 Responses to Rainy season

  1. Deborah says:

    I see we are back to the food again! I would love to live somewhere where I could just go outside and get me a nice, crisp, juicy, organic apple! Sounds close to heaven to me. I remember a whole lotta years ago being on a hike. It was around this time of year and we were heading to the end of the hike, tired and thirsty. We came upon a wild apple tree. It didn’t have too many apples but we managed to grab ourselves a couple (no easy feat since they were well above our heads!). They were small, hard and tart but ever so appreciated!

    You live in a world so very different from mine. Even when I lived in the desert the only real produce we had were things like prickly pear fruits which I never harvested (my idea of a good time harvesting fruit doesn’t involve having to use heavy gloves and tongs to keep one from being attacked by the fruit!). Whenever you write of your area I find myself wanting more and more to get out there to explore!

    Isn’t it funny how the term “rainy season” can mean such vastly different things depending on where one lives?

    As always, Avila is adorable. LOVE her authentic Chinese outfit!

    • arden says:

      Oh I know, even when I’m not *trying* to write about food, it seems to just bust right out of me! ;-) You know, if it weren’t for this being where Jen and Larry (and now Avila and Scoopie) live, I’m sure it never would have occurred to us to move to this area. But now that we’re here, we really like it just about the best of any place we’ve been. (Our friends Chris and Louise who moved back from CR here with us have said similar things, too.) No place is perfect, of course — it’s a little overly conservative for our tastes, for instance — but really the good just far outweighs the bad for us. Picked a mess of concord grapes from Chris and Louise’s yard a couple of days ago, so will be making some grape jam later today. Hopefully once the time comes when you’re really out “on the road” more freely, whenever that is, you’ll find your way out here to visit and explore!


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