The winter that wasn’t

Oh, I know, even just typing that headline makes me feel like I’m probably calling forth the wrath of the weather gods and we’ll be buried under snow by morning. But, I’ll take my chances since even that wouldn’t seem so bad given the winter we’ve had so far. We did have a very brief spell of single digit temps at some point during this winter (although so long ago I can’t even remember when it was) but other than that it’s been very mild, bordering on the freakishly warm since Christmas—like, highs in the mid 60s, lows only down in the 50s!!


Snow last year, kinda like the Christmas snow this year.

We’d worried, in fact, that we wouldn’t even have a white Christmas, but that was one time the weather gods truly smiled on us, and we had a perfect snowfall overnight on Christmas Eve, giving us the picture-perfect Christmas morning! Snowed again a couple of days later, and then a couple of days after that we had this crazy high wind that literally blew all the snow away. ;-)  Had bare ground so far all except those few days.

Christmas was lovely—although little Henry didn’t seem all that enthralled with the festivities he tolerated them without complaint! Avila had a wonderful time, as really did we all, our holidays rounded out by Collin and Katy coming to visit from New York so we were all together. [Epic photo fail — literally not a SINGLE picture from Christmas. No excuses, no explanations, just reality. Sorry.]

Spiral Jetty UtahYesterday we decided to drive up around the north side of the lake to see the famed “Spiral Jetty.” This renowned work by artist Robert Smithson is considered to be an iconic piece in the world of “Land Art.”  He built it in 1970 and only two years later it was submerged beneath the lake’s surface where it stayed mostly buried for thirty years!!

Around 2002 the lake levels dropped again where the 1500′ long spiral could be seen, and we’d double-checked our levels before we headed out to be sure we were still in the “visible” range.

What we didn’t expect, was that it was not just “5 ft. above lake level” as our research had revealed, but that that was about 2 feet above the silt level of the lake. In other words, the spiral jetty is not just out of the water, it’s not even surrounded by water. Ruh-Roh.

It was still pretty spectacular to see, and it was a lovely day to be out-and-about, so no complaints at all!

HappyBathTime2moThe littles continue to be amazing. Little Henry has learned to like his bath finally (at 2 months old) and Avila continues to just grow and grow. Her biggest triumph recently was to graduate to a “booster seat” in the car vs. a regular little-kid car seat, and that was a special prize since our previous research was 4 years *and* 40 pounds. Well, she’ll be 4 in a few months, but 40 pounds could be years away!!

We discovered it varies by seat, and found the one that requires 38″ tall (she’s 38-1/2″), 30 pounds (yep, exactly, at least on a heavy day), and her shoulders had to reach some certain place on the seat, which they did. Yay us!

Yay for the booster!

Yay for the booster!

I’d been a fan of the “what’s the rush?!” approach until our booster seat was in and we fully appreciated “what the rush” was. No more wrestling to get the harness straps looser when the kid’s in a bulky winter coat. No more wrestling to tighten things up when suddenly a warm spell hits and the kid is no longer in that bulky winter coat. No big deal to move the seat out of the way should, god forbid, you want an adult to sit in that seat.

Woo hoo. Lots to appreciate and she is SO excited. “It’s like I’m 4 years old!!!” she declares victoriously! “I’m big enough for a booster!” is another victory cry.

SO, that’s where things stand here in Utah. Christmas was great. Winter has been non-existent. Kids are amazing. Life is good.  ;-)

Jen’s magical 3 months of maternity leave (that she only checked on about 20 times before Henry was born) turned out, per her suspicions, to only be 8 weeks. Which, due to their dicking around with it, ended up being 9 weeks. And she added a week of vacation on to that. But, that deadline is up, and next Monday she’ll go back to work.

Which means we get to ramp up our Henry time from occasional short visits or stays to real time — about half the week. Can’t wait!!

If you’re NOT having the “winter that wasn’t” than at least may your spring come early! (And don’t hate us — we may still get ours!) And wherever you are, may you savor your times with your family, big and small, and appreciate every moment you’re given to share with them!


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8 Responses to The winter that wasn’t

  1. It’s always great to catch up on your lives!

    • arden says:

      Thanks, Gloria. Nothing earth-shattering going on, but I know *I* enjoy hearing about what’s going on in our friends’ lives, so it seems some folks enjoy hearing about ours. ;-) Hope all is well with you and Paul there!


  2. Deborah says:

    So have the weather gods dropped a bunch of snow on you since you wrote your blog?

    Avila looks like she is growing like a little weed! Henry’s expression in that photo is adorable! You must be so in love with those littles! I envy you getting to watch them grow up as you are.

    I read your blog when it first came out but I was on my phone and figured I’d respond to it when I was on the computer. Well, it seems like I’ve been a bit busy recently and didn’t quite get to it right away but here I am now – finally!

    I love that you had a white Christmas! That must’ve been a real blast having it snow when it did. I’m glad to hear everything seems to be going so well and that life is good! Keep it up!


    • arden says:

      Hi, Deborah —
      Yes, Avila is growing like a little [oh-so-cute] weed and Henry is getting so cute as he starts smiling and starting to show his personality!

      And the white Christmas was amazing, given the rather absurd lack of snow prior and since then. It continues to be in the 50s, if not 60s, for highs each day, much to our amazement! We keep expecting some monster storm to put us in our place, but so far, nothing. :-)

      Looking forward to hearing your next stories of getting “on the road.”


  3. Martha B. Higgins says:

    We’re up to our armpits in snow here, so be glad you aren’t in Maine this winter! Pipes frozen, plumber has spent 7 hours so far and they are still not working, so I will have a nice “little” bill when this fiasco is over. Where oh where is SPRING?

    • arden says:

      YES, we are — frankly — very glad we’re not in Maine this year!! It seems a bit nuts there, so that adds to our appreciation that we are here, were we’re continuing to have silly-warm days. Loved many things about living in Maine, but have to say that — now that we’ve been away — the weather really isn’t one of them! ;-)

      Hope you get an early spring to help offset your nasty winter!!

      Thinking of you…


  4. Sally Oh says:

    We are getting 12+ inches of snow tonight… it’s been the winter that wasn’t here up to now. Kinda looking forward to it since we got supplies, warmth and don’t have to travel :)

    • arden says:

      Hi, Sally,

      I know, David keeps actually saying he misses the snow and it is, absolutely, much “prettier” with a nice layer of fluffy white on the ground. And we continue to feel almost guilty (something akin to “survivor’s guilt”?) as we watch the rest of the country — including our old haunts WAY down south in Louisiana and Texas — get hammered again and again. It did finally get a little more wintry feeling as far as temps go (although still nothing like the brutal cold so much of the rest of the country has seen) but still pretty much non-winter here. Now just hoping we don’t get a deep freeze since so many plants and trees have started budding out.

      Oh, and largely thanks to some of your kombucha posts, I *finally* got a couple of dispensers of continuous brew going and have loved it. Still not getting as much “fizz” as I’d like, but great flavor and sorta fun to experiment and see if I can increase the fizz-factor.

      Hope all is well there with your and your fellas.


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