Start ‘em young

Says Avila (as her mom arrives to take the kids home at the end of the day), “Do we have to leave now? Can’t I stay and shovel some more?”


The kid is just too much.

(And, seriously, she’s a good shoveler. When I went out in the late afternoon to clear away the snow-hump at the driveway, where the snow-plow had gone past and shoved the snow into a mound at the entrance to the drive, she shoveled a path from the house, out across the front walk, down the driveway, to where I was, “so we’d have a way to get back to the house” as she explained. )


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4 Responses to Start ‘em young

  1. Gloria & Bill says:

    Thanks for all loving memories across the years and places.
    Merry Christmas

    • arden says:

      Always a joy to “see” you here! Thanks for reading and commenting and the best of holidays to you and Gloria and Jany and family!

  2. Ardis Nicholson says:

    She is such a prize!! These are magical years and I know you cherish every moment.
    Hang on to them. Mine have become “mainstream” tweens and teens and it comes without warning. I wish I could have taped every cute, wonderful, moment of their lives and it’s easier now to do so. She is wonderful!!! Enjoy. Merry, Merry Christmas to you
    all! Much Love, Ardis

    • arden says:

      Yeah, can’t say I’m looking forward to that “mainstream tweens and teens” phase. We sure do enjoy the heck out of her now!! Literally EVERY time we’re with her (several times a week) she says or does something that is just SO funny. And while Henry isn’t “saying” a lot yet (he actually has a very wide vocabulary, the words just all sound like “muh”) he’s also starting to *do* funny things, deliberately to amuse himself and others. It’s fun to watch!
      Love you too!

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