Our House in Costa Rica

A-frame from belowHere’s a glimpse of our house here in Costa Rica that we’re selling.  Ironically, we would never have thought we’d like an A-frame style house.  Most are simply too small and too much space is lost to the slope-y bits under the roof. But this house is nearly 35 feet in all directions (yes, front to back, side to side, and floor to top of ceiling) so it works.

We actually really love it, and frankly if we could magically afford to keep it and move back to the States, we would.  But that’s not a viable option at this time and we need to pay back our dear friend and investor, Peter. So it’s for sale and will hopefully sell soon. (At $189,000 U.S. dollars it’s a very good value!   “Priced-to-sell” as the saying goes.)

Great roomIt’s a funky house (although now that it’s for sale David keeps saying we need to switch and call it “rustic”) but then, we’re kind-of funky people.  That is, we just value some things more than others — privacy, space (both in the land around us and inside the house), great sunset views, year-round pleasant temperatures, easy access to town while not being in town are all important to us.  Granite counter-tops, fancy finishes, and really “refined” construction style simply is less important.  So this house is perfect for us, and I’m sure it’s perfect for someone else, too.  Just gotta find that someone!  ;-)  gentle sunset

In the meantime, we’re trying to envision what our “matching” home might end up looking like in Salt Lake City.  There we’ll be striving to find the balance between “in the country” so the dogs have room to roam and David has his sense of space and privacy (things that seem a little less critical to me, but very important to him so I have to respect that) and being close enough to the kids.  I mean, leaving Costa Rica to be near them makes somewhat less sense if we’re so far away that we can’t get to them fairly easily.  So, like much of life, it’ll be a balance. But so far in our lives we’ve always found great homes and I have no doubt we’ll be equally successful there.  First step, sell the A-frame!

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  1. Jane Gregson says:

    Sad to see you are leaving and hope you will be back ! I’ll keep an eye out for a buyer for you !
    Jane – Summerland Properties

    • arden says:

      Hi, Jane,

      Thanks! Yes, in many ways we’re sad to go too, but excited as well and really looking forward to the next round of life adventures. We’re definitely planning on coming back, regularly. And for sure keep your eyes out for a buyer! If you’d like to take it on as a regular “listing” that would be great, too, and I have loads of great pix I can send. :-) It’s an absolutely perfect house for the right folks, just as it has been for us.

  2. Jane Daugherty Karker says:

    Where in Costa Rica? Have you sold you house?

    • arden says:

      Hi, Jane —

      Good to *see* you here. I’ll confess, this comment first puzzled me because I didn’t really “look” and just assumed it was a comment on the most recent blog post, which made me go “where *what* in Costa Rica”?? But then after posting my entire reply to your comment, I realized you were on the “Our House In Costa Rica” page and you were asking about the house itself! (I’m a little slow first thing in the morning.)

      Yes, we sold our house to our partner. We had “co-owned” the house with an old friend, intending to buy his share out over the years, but when this came up to move back, in the end he bought us out and keeps it as rental property. It’s in San Ramon, about 45 minutes NW of the “San Jose” airport (which is really in Alajuela). It was a great location!

      Were you (or someone you know) interested? I suppose there’s always the chance that he’ll want to go ahead and sell it someday.

      Hope you’re enjoying summer in Maine!


  3. Jane Daugherty Karker says:


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