Amazing home for sale

Okay, maybe it’s “uncool” to call the house you’re trying to sell “amazing” but we really think it is a special place.  As I’ve said before, if there were any way to keep it and move  to Salt Lake City, we would.  But we explored that and it’s simply not financially viable, so here it is, for sale.

A number of folks have read the “main page” on this blog about the house and felt that I  had done the house an injustice in my minimal description of it.  So here’s more pictures and more information about what the house is really like.

From down below. This 3 story glass face looks out over the jungle and valleys to the Gulf of Nicoya and Peninsula beyond.

It’s not a “fancy” house, which suits us fine since we’re not fancy people.  But the pluses are huge: it has great character, lots of room with great flexibility about how to use the space, superb weather, an excellent paved road (more rare than one might think here), and tons of monkeys, toucans, and other wildlife while still being only a 10 minute drive from San Ramon.

And the view.  Ahhh….the view really is amazing. I can’t help it. It’s the only word to use.

The house is situated east/west, so the front of the house (the side you “approach” with the front door) faces east. That porch looks out over the rushing river and sitting there in the early morning hours, soaking up the sun coming over the mountain, listening to the river… it’s quite magical.

The back side (as seen in the photo above) faces west, so it’s the sunset side, and the sunsets are dramatic.  Its porch, even larger than the front porch, looks out over the mountain valleys all the way down to Puntarenas and the Gulf of Nicoya. You can watch the “movement” of the sunset over the course of the year, track the arrivals and departures of the cruise ships, and the monkeys’ favorite tree is less than 40 feet away.

So many gringos come here and build classic “retirement homes” of around 1300 square feet, a couple of bedrooms, and they’re lovely for what they are.  For many folks, that sort of house is perfect. This is something different and quite amazingly so.

It does, indeed, have plenty of room for bedrooms on the first floor.  One floor living is completely possible here, despite the dramatic height of the structure.  But assuming one is looking beyond that, there are 4 to 6 bedrooms here, which makes it ideal for folks like us who have parents living with them, a family with kids at home, folks who were planning on frequent guests, or even a lovely small B&B.

The imagination can easily run with options for who might find this place ideal. Beyond the obvious I just mentioned, you can see an artist here, with ample studio spaces along with the living areas.  Perhaps a small spiritual or healing retreat tapping into the power of the location and the wonderful river and waterfalls, the privacy, the connection to nature.  A small B&B with comfortable owners’ suite options and still several bedrooms available, plus flat sunny land for a swimming pool.  The head swims (no pun intended) with possibilities.

With over 2000 square feet of living space, plus another 600+ square feet of covered porch, plus an attached bodega/workshop (which could also easily be “annexed” into regular living space for room for a pool table, or another bedroom, studio, etc.), the house is large, but still cozy feeling.  A retired couple could easily live on the first floor, reserving the stair climbing for their younger guests, who are likely to fight over who gets the room attached to the bathroom with a view of the gulf vs. who gets the room with a private balcony overlooking the roaring river below. Hmmm… which side is the loser here?!?  ;-)

For $189,000 it’s a very good deal. Plain and simple.  So if you know anyone who might be interested, or if you are yourself, just get in touch and we can provide more pix, lots of info on the neighborhood, utility costs, services available, “local color” and so forth.

And in the meantime we’ll continue to enjoy living here, savoring the last of our “full-time” living in Costa Rica.  We’d love to share our world with you!



6 Responses to Amazing home for sale

  1. Michele Gawenka says:

    You forgot to mention the amazing neighbors!!!

    (Obviously being two),
    Michele and Paul

    • arden says:

      How could I have left that off?!? Clearly the amazing neighbors are one of the many wonderful things about the house!!! ;-)

  2. niko says:

    Don’t know if you remember me, you helped us move down here a few years ago, my ex-sister-in-law is Sharon who you also helped move down. I would be interested in taking a look at your house. Could you let me have a phone number, I know I have it somewhere, but would rather not have to look for it. Is it necessary for our correspondence to be printed in your blog? n

    • arden says:

      Hi, Niko, Of course I remember you! — why don’t you email me directly at and we can “chat” offline so that it’s not just published on the blog. I look forward to talking with you. And you can also call me on my cell — 8706-5770.


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  4. Rebecca Boivin says:

    Hi and thanks for your blog and telling it like it really is! I am enjoying the read.
    Is your house still for sale, and where is it located?

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